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Self Flashed Base Designed for sloped roof installations on composite shingle or flat roof material. Roof slope should be such that the potential for standing or pooling water is not considered a potential problem.


Curb Mount Base Designed for curb mount installations. Installations are recommended for flat or very low slope roofs, higher profile roofs, such as ceramic or concrete tile, certain metal roofs, thick wood shake, etc.


Gable MountThe Gable Mount exhaust fan is designed to fit behind an existing Gable Vent in the attic.


Turbine Mount Designed to fit the base assembly of most common 12” wind turbine. Simple installation is of course the great benefit of this product by utilizing an existing vent.


Remote Panel MountIt’s primary purpose is to provide the most flexibilty in installation of the solar panel with the SDF-20SF and SDF-20CM models.

Super Cyclone are built tough

Our products have been in service since 1992. In that time we have over 80,000 fans, in the field, still operable, enduring real-world testing, everyday. Our products are engineered with the very best materials available and are purpose built, there are real reasons for why we are, the way we are. Our stainless steel internals are designed to hold up to the harshest climates on this planet. Don't be fooled by our Korad coated ABS housing, its UV and corrosion resistant, certified to withstand 140 mph winds and it won't resonate sound.

NEW! Product

  • Solar Dynamics is located in Iowa. Manufacturing solar attic fans for 22 years.
  • The SUPER CYCLONE ATTIC FAN is the Original and 1st solar attic fan. Well we
  • have listened to the good people of Iowa. We are introducing the HAWK. Although the college football teams are great rivals. The Super Cyclone and Hawk fans are the same fan. You now have a panel color option. The super Cyclone is the traditional white and blue solar panel. For those of you who want a more Sleek, Sharp and non traditional solar look. Solar Dynamics brings you the option of the Solar Dynamics Hawk model attic fan:
  • Take a look. visit our other website to get a look
  • at the NEW Hawk Solar Attic Fan.